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Directly to your customers!

Introducing MaxCast. It’s revolutionary. It’s incredibly efficient in finding your best prospects. It’s what you need to manage your web presence. That, of course, and a skilled Maximizer Marketing professional who has a deep background in SEO, social media, and all aspects of online marketing. Working together, we’ll create a web presence and strategy that will put your company’s products/service right in front of your potential customers.

How Maximizer Cast works.

MaxCast creates content about your business that will make it stand out from the pack – helpful tips, unique offers, photos, videos, updates. Anything that builds your reputation as a leader in your field. Then, it distributes that information across the web – and directly to your potential customers.

But it doesn’t stop there. It “listens” for comments, mentions and reviews about your firm, then engages customers when they’re talking about you online. And finally, it has a built-in tracking and reporting system that will analyze your online position, allowing you to instantly adapt content and marketing strategy.

Result? You reach more customers, in more places, with more content.

Didn’t we tell you it was efficient!

Search and find.

In order to engage more potential customers, they have to find you online. That means you have to optimize your presence, and in order to do that, you have to provide a continuous stream of fresh content. This is what search engines and customers love – information presented to them on a silver platter.

Result? More exposure, more business. Your Maximizer Marketing specialist will work with you to set up your information system so it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Using Social Media.

That would be the Twitters, Face Books, and the literally thousands of other Social Media outlets, to drive your company’s online presence, even to sites that are specific to your product line – whether that be automotive, apparel, industrial, whatever! Through a strategy of distributing helpful hints, exclusive offers and more, your information will be shared and spread across the net. This gets you a very big bank, for very few $$.

What are your customers saying about you?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Of course you would. MaxCast allows you to do just that – listen in on your customers’ conversations, using our propriety Radar feature. Working 24/7, Radar will monitor the net and pick up any mention of your business, be it good or bad. This is invaluable, allowing you to build on the positive, and take steps to mitigate the negative. Radar can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing research and strategy.

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