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It’s about getting your message in front of the home folks.

So, traditional media is great, and online advertising is great. What happens when you combine both of them in a coordinated marketing effort? Well, you get as close to total saturation of your local market as possible. That will bring more customers into your business. And that is a very, very, good thing. And that would be called MaxDisplay.

What Maximizer’s display platform does, and how it does it.

Maximizer’s Display Network reaches your local customers through the media they interact with on a daily basis – popular local and national news, plus entertainment and lifestyle sites. By targeting these sites your products/services will gain that all important “share of mind,” when your target audience is ready to buy. But how does MaxDisplay go about that? Simple. It targets, targets, targets.

All about targeting.

Maximizer Marketing uses cutting edge technology to reach your potential customers through a variety of sophisticated platforms:

  • Geographic targeting – displays your ad to consumers in your geographic location.


  • Demographic targeting – displays your ad to the right consumer based on their age, income, gender, etc.


  • Endemic targeting – displays your ad to consumers who are on specific sites relevant to your business type.


  • Contextual targeting – displays your ad to consumers on sites featuring content related to your business type.


  • Behavioral targeting – displays your ad to consumers who have shown recent online behaviors and interests that are relevant to your business type.


  • Remarketing – displays your ad to consumers who have previously visited your site in order to recapture their interest.


  • Engagement-based optimization – displays your ad to consumers on sites that our technology identifies as being most cost-effective in bringing people to your business.


The options are endless.

And we have a wide variety of packages designed to meet your specific marketing and profit goals through a mix of sites and site families. We’ll get you maximum awareness, placement on the Web’s top sites, or direct-lined to specific target audiences who are ready to buy. You want local? MaxDisplay will give you local. You can count on it. But there’s more.

Total accountability.

We’ll monitor every click, visit, email, download, web form and phone call made from your ad. Your webmaster won’t even have to get involved. Next, a Marketing Maximizer specialist will sit down with you to go over the results to determine what’s working well, and what might need to be tweaked. No stone will be left unturned in order to get you maximum value for every dollar you spend.


Select the package that’s best for you.


  • Maximizer Display Awareness … the most cost effective way to build brand awareness online. It will put your ad on thousands of great sites, uses geo-targeting and remarketing to find your ideal customers when they’re online, and intelligently analyzes you campaign over time, then automatically steers ad dollars to the sites that are most cost-effective in bringing people to your business.


  • Maximizer Display Premium . . . Maximum reach, maximum value, on the web’s top sites. These top “media publishers” own literally thousands of the most visited sites on the internet, including news, lifestyle, and entertainment websites. And with our display platform, you also get geo-targeting and remarketing giving you a one-two marketing punch that reach your potential customers on the sites on the internet.


  • Maximizer Display Behavior . . . Your ads, your products, and the customers who want to buy specifically what you have to sell. They’re willing, interested, have cash and Maximizer Display will bring them to your front door. What could be better?


  • Display Behavioral for Affluent
  • Display Behavioral for Auto
  • Display Behavioral for Business
  • Display Behavioral for Education
  • Display Behavioral for Entertainment
  • Display Behavioral for Family
  • Display Behavioral for Fitness
  • Display Behavioral for Food & Beverage
  • Display Behavioral for Green
  • Display Behavioral for Health
  • Display Behavioral for Home
  • Display Behavioral for Multi-Cultural
  • Display Behavioral for Pets
  • Display Behavioral for Sports
  • Display Behavioral for Travel

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