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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)… Bringing customers and sellers together. 

What is search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

Search Marketing is also known as pay-per-click advertising which are search  engines in (i.e.) Google developed specifically for local, regional, or international businesses to use to generate leads, revenue, and much more. It’s affordable, effective, and a sure-fire way to get local customers into your business and/or website, at precisely the time they have money in-hand, and are primed to buy.

How? We are able to reach people worldwide online. And since we’re not tied to any one publisher, we’re free to use any medium that will deliver those customers right to your door. We’re talking about such heavyweights as Google Ads, Microsoft Bing, Amazon – plus other local, national, and international search networks.

And did we mention it will save you money?

How? Because you only spend when someone already looking for your service/product clicks on your ad (the industry term is pay-per-click, or PPC). You eliminate the non-customer lookey-loos, and in doing so, save money. In some cases, lots of money. Then we go another step. Utilizing this smart, proprietary technology, we’ll optimize your campaign twice daily. This shifts more of your advertising dollars to specific keywords and sites that have the greatest potential to increase viable contacts. We call it conversion-based optimization. Our clients call it magic. We think you will, too.

It’s not all technology. It’s about people as well.

And we have the best in the business. We’ll work with you till we thoroughly understand your marketing and sales goals. Then we’ll design and manage your campaign to get you the greatest possible, defined exposure, in your market. Next, we’ll monitor you campaign to see how users are interacting with it, and make strategic shifts if called for. And finally . We’ll give granular details on every click, visit, e-mail, download, web form and phone call made from your ad.

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