Property Guys

Actionable 12 month Program:

A 12 month program has been established running monthly Social Media posts, contest, to drive engagement.


The engagements capture prospect emails, and qualifies them based on selling your home:

a) Soon

b) In the next 12 months

c) If you know someone selling their home (referrals)

The names are segmented based on the selling qualifications.

Nurturing Emails

Automated eMails are sent via MailChimp API connected to the Influencer360 platform.

Geographically targeted ads on Facebook, postings on referrals sites and Influencers were used to drive visitors to the landing pages for engagement.

A unique sharing incentive was added to the web/mobile site ($500 gift card)

Program Outcomes

The solution was successful in marketing through Social Media.


Paid media and content amplification through Social Media Platforms


Prospect Opt-ins from Earned Media (Referrals)


Paid Media: Accounted for 26% of the prospects.


The cost of acquisition decreased significantly.

The total contacts in the system to date is over 25,000 and 9,000 are opt-ins.

Over 1,000 deals were closed in a 12-month period.

PropertyGuys is now Canada’s largest private real estate franchise through the efforts of our marketing campaigns.

total opt-ins to date


growth of owned assets

9,000 emails

amplification on visitors


total influencers


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