Tracking Results


How to know if you’re getting what you pay for.

Anyone can tell you that your market coverage is great and that you’re reaching your target audience. But who can guarantee it? We can, with a simple, but ingenious software that we use to track performance. And there are three different packages you can choose from.

  • Track Phone … Allows you to hear how your campaign is doing with a MaxTrack phone number. It gives you the full picture including the time, length and even caller ID. Plus you can listen in to your employees as the deal with customers live. This will give you a great handle on how they’re performing, and how they interact.


  • Track Web … A great tool that takes you beyond the click and gives you the ability to determine which campaign strategy is working best – and why! This includes website visits, page views, email and web forms sent. And with our Reverse Proxy technology, you’ll get the reports you need without having to make any website modifications. Your target audience sees the site you want them to see, while you get all the performance data to make marketing and financial decisions.


  • Track Phone and Web … The ultimate package, with performance reporting available online 24/7. Allows you to see phone and web activity and tracking data side-by-side, in real time. A great tool for seeing how your marketing strategy is working, and where adjustments have to be made.


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